Bernie Butts Update

My little guinea pig Bernie has really come out of his shell since we first got him. He’s gone through a lot with us already, we’ve moved into our first home and although Bernie HATED the car ride he loves his new home and has settled in really fast.


He loves to ‘popcorn’ jump allover the new rug and likes to play tag around the new flat.


He’s grown a lot and his hair is out of control! I give him weekly trims to keep it manageable otherwise it gets too long and with summer approaching I don’t want him to over heat.


His favourite things to eat are Spinach and Parsley. But he’ll eat anything green, especially if its leafy. As a treat once I week I give him fruit, his favourite so far is strawberries.


As you can tell by the title of the post his nickname is Bernie ‘Butts’ because he does a cute butt wiggle when he runs.


If there’s anything else you would like to know about little Bernie or questions or stories about owning a guinea pig in general please get in touch, I could talk about him all day!


Garnier Ultimate Blends Review – The Delicate Soother

I have been using these new products by Garnier, this is the Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother range, with delicate oats. I picked these up just over a month ago and thought I would test them out before doing a post about them.

Picked up all three of the items that are in the range, the shampoo, conditioner and the hair milk. The hair milk was actually a little harder to find as it isn’t stocked in all the stores that the other two are, but I really wanted to try them all out together as that’s what is recommended.

I’d like to start by mentioning that Garnier have brought out quite a few different ranges suited to different hair types – for example the honey range. As far as I can tell they each have a shampoo, conditioner and a third hair styling product whether that be an oil, serum or heat protector etc.

I chose the Ultimate Blends Delicate Soother range as it states that it is suited to sensitive skin because of its inclusion of oat milk and rice cream which is very soothing on sensitive skin. I can often suffer from dry skin so it’s important for me to choose products that make it better not worse.

”Our ultimate blend for a sensitive scalp and fragile hair with Rice Cream & Oat Milk
Soothes scalp
Nourishes, softens & protects hair”

This is what the website states about the product, I mostly chose this because of the oat milk being included and because it states that it nourishes hair, which I was in need of!

I have been using nothing but these three productions on my hair for a little over a month now and I can honestly say it has made a great difference. I usually use Tresemme and haven’t changed to anything different for over a year and I honestly think that my hair is already in a better condition after just a month with this new product so I don’t think I’ll be going back.

My hair is a lot softer and has more of a shine, it doesn’t tangle anywhere near as much and it’s so much easier to brush now. I have quite long hair so any product that helps with tangles is a huge must.

Honestly the star of the three has to be the hair milk, it helps to protect against heat and it smells amazing. It can only be applied to wet hair so I always use this after washing my hair. The smell is quite strong and last a long time, I’ve had a lot of compliments on my new ‘perfume’ and have had to tell people it’s my hair! Of course I have been using all three together so I can’t comment on how well it works with other products but I can’t imagine not using this product after washing my hair now.

As I mentioned I usually use Tresemme and the bottles are quite large so I was worried about swapping to smaller bottles, but i have been using these for a month and have only used about half which is great. You really don’t need to use much in each wash. I wash my hair twice a week so I don’t go through a lot of shampoo anyway but I normally have to cover my hair in a lot of conditioner to de-tangle but with this product I’m not using anywhere near as much as I do with other products.

Overall I have loved testing out these products and I’ll definitely be re-purchasing when these run out! Let me know which of the different ranges you have used and if you would recommend trying any of the others, after trying these I’m more then happy to try the others!

DIY: Glittery Letters

So a while ago I bought these amazing paper mache letters from Hobbycraft. I have been trying to decided what to do with them and decided on basically covering them in glitter to make my book case a little more bright and interesting. I have my first initial, an and sign and my partners initial. I bought these letters for £1 each which is great!
You Will Need:
  • Paper mache letters
  • Mod Podge 
  • Glitter
  • Paint Brush
  • A Tray 
  • Knitting Needle (optional)
  • Scrap Paper/ Newspaper
  • Glitter Shaker/ Spoon

I started by laying out some blank paper on my work surface, this is so I didn’t get glue and glitter all over my bench. I then used an old knitting needle and pierced the bottom of the letter with the needle, just to make the glittering process easier.
I ordered my glitter from eBay and it came in a plastic bag, I also have a small glitter shaker that I placed in the bag and filled it up as much as possible. If you don’t have a glitter shaker another option that works well is an old tablespoon, just scoop and sprinkled as needed.

I then took my first letter and covered the whole letter in Mod Podge using my paint brush.

Once it was all covered in glue I started to add the glitter, to the largest areas first.

I then added the glitter to the sides and made sure to get in all the little cracks as best as possible.

 Then repeat this process with the remaining letters, making sure to get a nice even layer across the letter.

Once you have all the letters covered, lay them out to dry, if possible stand them up as I dried them flat the first time and they stuck to the paper a little.

Once they have dried its time for the second coat. Cover the letter in a second later of Mod Podge. For this layer I poured a little of the glue into a plastic container as I didn’t want the brush to drop glitter into the tub of glue. This keeps the main pot of glue clean and glitter free.

And once again evenly cover the entire letter in glitter.

Repeat on all letters and then leave to dry over night. They are now complete! As an additional option you can cover the letter in another layer of glue to lock the glitter in place, this will dry clear so you will be able to see the glitter through. I decided against this as it does make the glitter slightly matt.

This is where I decided to put the letters once they were dry. I think they brighten up the bookcase brilliantly and you can cover them in any colour to match your desired place.

Let me know if you would like to see anymore glittery tutorials. I had great fun making these and you can add the same process to other objects for a unique up-cycle.

Meet My Guinea Pig!

So over the Christmas period I decided to buy a guinea pig. I have been wanting to buy a pet for a long time, unfortunately the flat we have been renting doesn’t not allow pets so that was buying a cat out of the question.

I have always loved guinea pig, mostly for the cute noises they make, and because they are small pets, kept mostly in cages/ hutches I thought that this would be a great pet for us.

I had been looking online for about six months and visiting any pet shop I could just to see them and decide if they were for me. Then one day, a few days after Christmas, I saw this little guy on ‘gumtree’. He had been purchased as a gift for a young girl and she had no interest in him so the parents put him up for sale. I fell in love the moment I saw his fluffy little face and had to have him.

So I messaged the family and picked him up that night! He was originally called Bailey but I didn’t care for the name, it took about 2 days for me to settle on Bernard, but we call him Bernie. SO CUTE.

At first he was very timid, he would rarely leave his bed and ran away as soon as he saw us come in the room, but after a few days of chatting to him (yes I sat and talked to him on my own) and feeding him fresh vegetables by hand he started to come around.

Now he is the most excitable, chatty little guy. He has really come around to us and I couldn’t be happier. I also love how fury he is! He loves being brushed so that has really helped us to bond.

Getting Back Into It!

I’ve been missing from here for a month! It’s been quite a busy time with work lately and because of the awful hours I do I’ve been unable to get myself motivated to do anything creative at all.

I think after the Christmas period where my home was DIY central, and the fact that company doesn’t allow you to take days off in December I was completely overwhelmed and had to take a step back.

After a much anticipated week off from work I am finally back in the swing of things. I have even started back up with my weekly yoga (three weeks in a row) WOW haha.

So I have made myself a cappuccino, got my trusty ideas book back out and have a slightly too festive candle for this time of year on, I am raring to go! So watch this space!

Over The Knee Boots!

As most people will have probably noticed there is a huge trend for over the knee boots at the minute. I usually stick to ankle height boots and have only once bought some boots that were slightly under the knee and even that was risky for me! But when I was out getting some Christmas shopping I saw a pair of faux suede over the knee boots and thought I would try them on. I honestly didn’t think I would like them but I really did! I decided to buy them for a family party I am going to just before Christmas and give them a whirl.

Now because I have never owned anything like this before I was a little unsure with what I should wear with them. The boots I bought are black, so a colour that can go with pretty much everything, but with the boots being quite the statement piece I didnt want to over do it with the outfit as well.
I took to Polyvore to see if I could come up with some ideas that I thought would suit me and the boots to a T! 
I have left links to a couple of different boots that I have found online. If your not sure if you’ll like them I would recommend going into a store and trying them on.
These boots are from New Look
This pair is from Topshop
Let me know how you style your over the knee boots!


I have been really loving Westworld this past few weeks, I recently made a post about TV shows that have been my favourite this year and mentioned that I was looking for a new one, well this was a brilliant find, I’m so pleased I decided to give it a go. I definitely makes it into my top TV shows of this year!

Westworld is now all finished up! I have been loving this season and waiting a week for each new episode to come out has been horrible. I wont mention any spoilers in case your not caught up, but a lot of the guesses that were going around the internet turned out to be true so I would stay clear from Reddit and what not if your not wanting anything ruined.

If you haven’t started Westworld yet I would really recommend it, I’m sure you have heard loads about it as its all everyone has been talking about lately. The second series wont be finished until at least 2018 as it is a huge show to shoot and they are most likely moving onto a new ‘world’ in the park. There was a hint in the last episode to what the next world we see could be. A lot of people are calling it ‘Samurai World’.

Anyway this was just a quick post to mention a show I have been loving lately, I hope if you’ve been watching it you’ve loved it too!