Throw Back Thursday: Newcastle!

I am from Newcastle Upon Tyne. I think that its a really pretty city and it has been a focal point for my photography since I got my first camera when I was 13. I was recently looking through some of my old files from when I first started studying photography in 2012 and came across some of my photographs that I took around the city and thought I would share them!

They are actually nice to look back on because I can see how much my photography improved over the years and how much the city has changed in a short period of time. A lot of the stores in these images are no longer there. Above is Greys Monument, which is still there of course, but behind that, the building with the glass dome above it has completely changed, it used to be called ‘Monument Mall’ it had a lot of small stores inside and a few cafes. It also had the entrance to the metro station here. Now it has all be refurbished into a really cool rooftop bar on top called the Botanist and the lower level has a Jamie’s Italian and more high end stores with lovely new glass fronts.

This photo above is Grey Street, at the time of taking this photo I was just passing through to get to the Quay Side, I never really spent much time here in my teens but now I come here on night out or for meals out quite a lot, its a big part of my social life now and its nice to look back and see how different it used to be.

This is the Tyne Bridge, the main thing Newcastle is known for, I’m not quite sure why I chose this angle or why I decided to cut the ends of the bridge off completely but nothing in this area has really changed since then.

This is the main reason I love to keep old photos, I love to look back and see how everything has changed, and its only been 4 years since I took these photos so goodness knows how different things will be next time I look through these!


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