How To: Cute Christmas Bows

This year I have been making a some of my own decorations for Christmas. I think that not only is it more fun its makes your decorations a lot more unique.

The first thing I did after deciding on the tree was to make a huge bow for the top. I decided against the usual angel or star for the top because I have never been a fan of the angels on top and because my tree is so tall it actually touches the ceiling of my apartment so there would have been no room to add anything like that up there.

This year I am using a lot of silvers and golds to decorate my home, usually I prefer gold but I have a Christmas tree that is white and silver so I am incorporating all three into my theme. This is the finished bow:

If you saw my pom pom fairy lights tutorial you will notice that I use grey, white and silver wool to make those and now they fit in with my other decorations perfectly!
For my bow I used this amazing glittery ribbon. I actually bought this ribbon a few months back from a craft shop in Washington for Β£1.65, it was originally for a different project but the ribbon was too thick to use so it had gone to waste until now. The ribbon is covered in silver glitter and is wired around the edges. If you are recreating this I would really recommend purchasing ribbon that is wired as it holds its shape a lot better and is much easier to fold.

The way I did this ribbon was to cheat slightly, I didn’t just get the ribbon and tie a bow like you would with a shoe lace. I decided to go down a different route.

I started by roughly deciding how big the ribbon should be, I did this by making the general size while the ribbon was still on the roll and then cut it to that length.

After cutting I then did the same again to make sure that was right before I started.

I then folded the ribbon directly in half and pressed down so the wire in the ribbon would mark where the middle was.

I then squished this down at that same middle point so I knew where to fold my ribbon to.

I then folded one side over, meeting at the point I marked out before, once I was happy with the size of the loop I scrunched that into place too.

I then did the same with the other side, making sure to make the loops the same size. Because the wire is in the ribbon if you press the pieces together they should stay in place.

I then cut out another piece of ribbon that was big enough to tie around the centre.

I wrapped this around and then flipped over the ribbon, the wire will hold in place but as you can see it doesn’t hold it flat against the back and I didn’t want the ribbon to fall apart so I decided to glue the back down.

I used this Bostik All Purpose glue, this one dries clear but you wont be able to see it so any strong glue will do.

I then glued down that back piece, I would recommend using something heavy to keep that in place so that the glue can dry. I used my candle as its quite heavy and was the closest thing to me.

Leave that to dry and then use the wires in the ribbon to shape it until your happy.

I added a cable tie to the back to attach the bow to my tree.

I hoped you liked this tutorial, I am really happy with the outcome of this bow. I am also really impressed with this ribbon, I was worried that when I was making this bow most of the glitter would come off and even though I was covered in glitter the bow still looks amazing and you wouldn’t even know so much had come off!

This tutorial would also be great scaled up or down, you could make smaller bows to decorate the tree or even larger ones to hang on your door or walls.


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