Bernie Butts Update

My little guinea pig Bernie has really come out of his shell since we first got him. He’s gone through a lot with us already, we’ve moved into our first home and although Bernie HATED the car ride he loves his new home and has settled in really fast.


He loves to ‘popcorn’ jump allover the new rug and likes to play tag around the new flat.


He’s grown a lot and his hair is out of control! I give him weekly trims to keep it manageable otherwise it gets too long and with summer approaching I don’t want him to over heat.


His favourite things to eat are Spinach and Parsley. But he’ll eat anything green, especially if its leafy. As a treat once I week I give him fruit, his favourite so far is strawberries.


As you can tell by the title of the post his nickname is Bernie ‘Butts’ because he does a cute butt wiggle when he runs.


If there’s anything else you would like to know about little Bernie or questions or stories about owning a guinea pig in general please get in touch, I could talk about him all day!


Cute Cactus Watercolours

While looking for inspiration for watercolours I took to Pinterest. I saw quite a lot of cute paintings of cactus plants and thought I would give it a go too.

I started just filling a page with mini paintings. This really helped me to practice with different shapes and colours and to hone my detailing skills. Because I am still learning how to paint I find it a lot easier to copy from paintings and figure it all out on the way. When trying to paint from memory I tend to mess up a lot more. I suppose that is something I’ll learn over time.

This painting was actually one I was considering scanning to make a background for my blog, but the cats won.
This is the finished page:

If you would like to see some of my pins you can check those out on:
Please if you have anymore pins on cute paintings send them my way!


So as promised here is my blog post about Amsterdam. It was a nice place to go to and has some beautiful scenery. This was my second trip to Amsterdam so I knew what to expect this time around. 

We traveled by boat on Monday 24th and arrived in Amsterdam on the following Tuesday, the boat takes around 16 hours from Newcastle and you leave at 5pm and spend the night in one of the cabins. The cabins were very small and shared between 4 people so it was very cramped at times. Unfortunately our cabins were on deck 2 which was at the bottom of the boat so we didn’t have a window, which made the room feel even more confined. On the boat there are a lot of things to do so you aren’t cooped up in your doll sized cabin for too much time. Mainly the group stayed in the bar area which was quite large and had a band for entertainment. 

We arrived at Amsterdam at 10am local time, so 9am back in Newcastle, and we hopped straight onto a coach to the city center. The coach took 35 minutes but it passes quite fast and we had a lovely chatty driver, who told us what to expect and to watch out for the cyclists on the roads! We then made our way to the hotel which, luckily for me because I had a case bigger then myself, was just across the road. The hotel was really nice, much better then I expected for how cheap the trip was. We had two per room and this time the rooms where a good size and we had free WiFi (which is always a huge thumbs up in my opinion). 

We then had time to participate in a group activity or to just have our own look around Amsterdam, so myself and a few others decided to just go out alone and have a look around. We visited Madame Tussauds which was fun and I have a lot of pictures from there 
(I’ll save these for another time). It did cost more then I expected, it was €22 a ticket but we did have fun in there. I’ll leave a link to their website below.

Other then that we just walked around Amsterdam for hours on end, mostly because we were lost, and took some photographs. It was a good trip and aside from the sea sickness I’d recommend anyone to see Amsterdam at least once.

Amsterdam 25th February 2014

Amsterdam 26th February 2014

Amsterdam 26th February 2014

The mini cruse was through this company:

This is the hotel we stayed in:

This is the Madame Tussauds website: