Over The Knee Boots!

As most people will have probably noticed there is a huge trend for over the knee boots at the minute. I usually stick to ankle height boots and have only once bought some boots that were slightly under the knee and even that was risky for me! But when I was out getting some Christmas shopping I saw a pair of faux suede over the knee boots and thought I would try them on. I honestly didn’t think I would like them but I really did! I decided to buy them for a family party I am going to just before Christmas and give them a whirl.

Now because I have never owned anything like this before I was a little unsure with what I should wear with them. The boots I bought are black, so a colour that can go with pretty much everything, but with the boots being quite the statement piece I didnt want to over do it with the outfit as well.
I took to Polyvore to see if I could come up with some ideas that I thought would suit me and the boots to a T!Β 
I have left links to a couple of different boots that I have found online. If your not sure if you’ll like them I would recommend going into a store and trying them on.
These boots are from New Look
This pair is from Topshop
Let me know how you style your over the knee boots!

Newcastle Architecture

I have been shooting and editing images from around Newcastle that will go towards my Architectural themed portfolio. This is one of the images I have edited, it was shot at Newcastle Civic Centre. I love the effect that making the image black and white can give once it has been edited into a mirror image. I will be creating more of these images in the near future and will be keeping you updated on these! As always I would love any feedback on how to improve.

Newcastle Civic Centre

Architectural Photography

As part of my course I have been asked to create a whole new portfolio. I have decided that I will be shooting architectural photography to do this. The portfolio needs a theme that will run through the whole portfolio. I have decided that I will be using photo manipulation as my theme. To elaborate I will be using black and white images that I have shot in and around Newcastle and I will be editing them like the image below. Using Photoshop to duplicate and flip the image and blend it in to one. This gives a really great effect, especially on unusual patterns and lines.Β 

This is the first image I have experimented with, I shot this image a few months ago in Newark, I decided to use this one as I liked the lines on the ceiling and thought it would look interesting for this type of editing.Β 

Newark Arcade