Getting Back Into It!

I’ve been missing from here for a month! It’s been quite a busy time with work lately and because of the awful hours I do I’ve been unable to get myself motivated to do anything creative at all.

I think after the Christmas period where my home was DIY central, and the fact that company doesn’t allow you to take days off in December I was completely overwhelmed and had to take a step back.

After a much anticipated week off from work I am finally back in the swing of things. I have even started back up with my weekly yoga (three weeks in a row) WOW haha.

So I have made myself a cappuccino, got my trusty ideas book back out and have a slightly too festive candle for this time of year on, I am raring to go! So watch this space!


A Stressful Day!

I don’t really talk about my job on here, mainly because it’s something I’m not very happy with at the moment, which is something I’m trying hard to change. I try to keep my blog positive- a safe space for me to come to just share my interests and focus on the good parts of my life, which is why I never bring it up. But with this being such a busy week at work; my blog (and my sanity) has been suffering because of it and I hate it.

I’ve really enjoyed getting regular posts out there, it’s just really nice to have somewhere to group the good things about your life and you can really feel proud of it.

But today has been extra stressful and with an already bad morning behind me I had some bad news about tomorrow’s shift added on. So I decided to use my small break to pop to Starbucks and buy a drink and a cookie and just relaxed in the car to try and perk myself up!

It’s really easy to focus on the negatives in life, especially during work, but I think it’s important to find something that you can focus on to make you feel better. Even if it’s just looking at nice photos on your break, like your pet or loved one, I know I do that a lot haha!

I don’t usually do this but because it’s pay day week I feel like I can. It’s funny how something so small can make a nice difference to your day!

I don’t know if it was all the sugar and caffeine (probably was) but I did feel a lot better and it give a bit of a boost to get back to work. I do shift work, I start at 7am and finish between 8:30 to 9pm so anything that helps me keep some energy is great!

Anyway sorry about this ramble, hopefully I’ll get myself back on track very soon!

It’s All About The Little Things

Today I managed to get quite a nice lunch break from work, in my current job I work 14 hour shifts but have gaps throughout for breaks and meals. Today was one of the better days and I got enough time drive back home and take some me time!

I made a mozzarella pizza and took some time to finish my book. I’m currently reading ‘A Good Woman’ by Danielle Steel. This is the first of Steel’s books that I’ve read ans I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s about a young woman who looses her father and brother in the titanic. It then leads through her life from being a new wife to running off to France to help in the war. I’ve found it extremely hard to put his book down and was so great full for the chance to finish this book at home today.

I would highly recommend this book and will be reaching some more of Danielle Steel’s work. If anyone has read her work before and had any recommendations I would really appreciate them!