Getting Back Into It!

I’ve been missing from here for a month! It’s been quite a busy time with work lately and because of the awful hours I do I’ve been unable to get myself motivated to do anything creative at all.

I think after the Christmas period where my home was DIY central, and the fact that company doesn’t allow you to take days off in December I was completely overwhelmed and had to take a step back.

After a much anticipated week off from work I am finally back in the swing of things. I have even started back up with my weekly yoga (three weeks in a row) WOW haha.

So I have made myself a cappuccino, got my trusty ideas book back out and have a slightly too festive candle for this time of year on, I am raring to go! So watch this space!


Lunch Date at Bierrex!

My boyfriend and I took a half day from work and decided to go for lunch at Bierrex in Newcastle. We have both been here before for drinks but never had the food and it is always being recommended to us, so I was excited to try it out. Because we went on a week day it wasn’t too busy and we got a good pick of the booths.

Here’s the lunch time menu:

This is the evening menu in case you go a little later on:

Both menu images are taken from the Bierrex website.

I ordered a cappuccino before my meal, it was really good quality coffee!

We both decided to go for the Hot Link Hogey, I also got a side of Collard Greens with mine.


I love the interior of Bierrex, it has two tones of green painted on the wood panelling. They have gold paintings across all of the walls, of pigs, greenery and such. I really love the colour scheme.

I would really recommend going to Bierrex, we always have a nice time here when we go for drinks and the food was really good too!

Patisserie Valerie

It was my boyfriends birthday on Friday and we decided to go out for a light lunch as we had a big meal planned for that night. We decided on Patisserie Valerie as neither of us had been there before and had always wanted to. Its a lovely little cafe situated near Monument in Newcastle city centre.

As this is quite a small place there was a bit of wait for a table to become available. Once shown to our seats we were given a menu to choose from.Β We both ordered a coffee, I had a Cappuccino and my boyfriend had a Flat White.

For lunch I ordered the Ham and Cheese Croissant and my boyfriend had the Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich. They had the most amazing deserts available but because we had a meal to attend that night we decided not to indulge.

I noticed a lot tables enjoying afternoon tea with a beautiful selection of small sandwiches and cakes, I would love to do the same on my next visit. Overall we really enjoyed our little lunch here, the atmosphere is really nice and you felt really well looked after by the staff. I will certainly be returning.