Meet My Guinea Pig!

So over the Christmas period I decided to buy a guinea pig. I have been wanting to buy a pet for a long time, unfortunately the flat we have been renting doesn’t not allow pets so that was buying a cat out of the question.

I have always loved guinea pig, mostly for the cute noises they make, and because they are small pets, kept mostly in cages/ hutches I thought that this would be a great pet for us.

I had been looking online for about six months and visiting any pet shop I could just to see them and decide if they were for me. Then one day, a few days after Christmas, I saw this little guy on ‘gumtree’. He had been purchased as a gift for a young girl and she had no interest in him so the parents put him up for sale. I fell in love the moment I saw his fluffy little face and had to have him.

So I messaged the family and picked him up that night! He was originally called Bailey but I didn’t care for the name, it took about 2 days for me to settle on Bernard, but we call him Bernie. SO CUTE.

At first he was very timid, he would rarely leave his bed and ran away as soon as he saw us come in the room, but after a few days of chatting to him (yes I sat and talked to him on my own) and feeding him fresh vegetables by hand he started to come around.

Now he is the most excitable, chatty little guy. He has really come around to us and I couldn’t be happier. I also love how fury he is! He loves being brushed so that has really helped us to bond.


Getting Back Into It!

I’ve been missing from here for a month! It’s been quite a busy time with work lately and because of the awful hours I do I’ve been unable to get myself motivated to do anything creative at all.

I think after the Christmas period where my home was DIY central, and the fact that company doesn’t allow you to take days off in December I was completely overwhelmed and had to take a step back.

After a much anticipated week off from work I am finally back in the swing of things. I have even started back up with my weekly yoga (three weeks in a row) WOW haha.

So I have made myself a cappuccino, got my trusty ideas book back out and have a slightly too festive candle for this time of year on, I am raring to go! So watch this space!

What I Eat in a Day

This is what I would eat on a typical day when I am off work. I love to cook so when I am off work and at home all day I like to make the most of it.


For breakfast I had an open cheese and ham toasty with a cappuccino from my coffee machine. Also this is my favourite cup! I absolutely love Moomins, so cute.


For Lunch I had chicken breast which I cooked in my homemade BBQ sauce. I had this with a small cherry tomato salad and some boiled potatoes.


Mid day I had a snack of two Reese’s rounds and another cappuccino. Not the healthiest snack I know.


For Dinner I had Pork which I slow cooked in an onion gravy for two hours. I added chips and some mixed vegetables to this meal.

So that’s what I eat in a day! I hope you enjoyed this post.