Over The Knee Boots!

As most people will have probably noticed there is a huge trend for over the knee boots at the minute. I usually stick to ankle height boots and have only once bought some boots that were slightly under the knee and even that was risky for me! But when I was out getting some Christmas shopping I saw a pair of faux suede over the knee boots and thought I would try them on. I honestly didn’t think I would like them but I really did! I decided to buy them for a family party I am going to just before Christmas and give them a whirl.

Now because I have never owned anything like this before I was a little unsure with what I should wear with them. The boots I bought are black, so a colour that can go with pretty much everything, but with the boots being quite the statement piece I didnt want to over do it with the outfit as well.
I took to Polyvore to see if I could come up with some ideas that I thought would suit me and the boots to a T!ย 
I have left links to a couple of different boots that I have found online. If your not sure if you’ll like them I would recommend going into a store and trying them on.
These boots are from New Look
This pair is from Topshop
Let me know how you style your over the knee boots!

September Favourites

Now that its the start of October I thought I would share some of my favourite things from September.


I’ll start off with skincare, I have been using the simple range for quite a long time and really like it as I have sensitive skin and some of the more harsh skincare products can really irritate and dry out my skin. I currently use the ‘kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion’ and the ‘kind to skin soothing facial toner’. I use these twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I use the ‘kind to skin moisturising facial wash’ morning and night with a face cloth and warm water. Once or twice a week I will use the ‘kind to skin deep cleansing face mask’ before a shower, I don’t like to use this too often as masks can be drying if used too often.


I don’t tend to change my main makeup very often but love to experiment with different lip colours and products. I’ve loved the Baby Lips range by Maybelline since it came out but recently I haven’t been able to stop using the ‘Cherry Me’ Baby Lips product as it is so pigmented and leaves a really nice rosy glow to your lips without being too heavy like most lipsticks. This is great for when you want something more subtle through the day or for work and it also keeps your lips so hydrated. I have so many of these lip products, I’m slightly addicted!


I was looking for some statement shoes that are different from what I usually go for. Usually I wear either ankle boots, brogues and loafers and wanted something different. After trying a few different shops I decided to gave a quick look in Primark and found these amazing slip on shoes. They have a slight pointed toe on the front and the are a pink metallic material. They are so different from anything I’ve had before and I’m so happy with them.

Home Wareย 

I absolutely love monochrome patterns in my home. I have a two bedroom flat which I rent so I cant decorate the place exactly how I would like to but I have been slowly filling the rooms with monochrome accessories such as bedding and decorative pillows. My most recent purchase is this amazing cat pillow from IKEA. I received their catalogue in the post a few weeks ago and fell in love with this pillow. I mean its monochrome and cats, whats not to love? This a rectangle pillow with this amazing print tiled through out. The only thing I don’t like are all the tags on the pillow as they are really long but I will be removing these. I already have this cute elephant pillow from Primark that I bought quite a while ago and I think they go perfectly!

So that’s all my September favourites! Please let me know if you are using some of the same products or if you have any recommendations for more monochrome home pieces for me!

Architectural Photography

As part of my course I have been asked to create a whole new portfolio. I have decided that I will be shooting architectural photography to do this. The portfolio needs a theme that will run through the whole portfolio. I have decided that I will be using photo manipulation as my theme. To elaborate I will be using black and white images that I have shot in and around Newcastle and I will be editing them like the image below. Using Photoshop to duplicate and flip the image and blend it in to one. This gives a really great effect, especially on unusual patterns and lines.ย 

This is the first image I have experimented with, I shot this image a few months ago in Newark, I decided to use this one as I liked the lines on the ceiling and thought it would look interesting for this type of editing.ย 

Newark Arcade