Ask Me Anything Sunday!

I thought that I would start a weekly post with more information about myself. I feel like this will be a great way to share more about myself and to get to know others too. I’ll answer 10 questions each week and if anyone would like to ask anything leave them below and I’ll answer them next week 🙂 The following questions are taken from an online post.

Question 1

Are you artistic?
I am artistic, I like to paint and studied photography for four years. I’ve always loved being creative – that was the main reason for creating this blog.

Question 2

Have you had your first kiss?
I have, I’m 22 at the moment and my first kiss in my early teens.

Question 3

What is your life goal?
I don’t have a set plan but one thing I’m really working towards at the moment is buying my own home. I am renting a place right now and my boyfriend and I have been saving for a deposit for our own place for a few years now.

Question 4

Were you a cute kid?
I would like to think so – here’s a photo of me and my brother in the 90’s.

Question 5

What’s your worst fear?
I am very claustrophobic.

Question 6

Do you like to read?
I do, I love to read. Since I started working full I don’t have as much free time to read but I always try to find time on my days off.

Question 7

Are you a morning person?
I am not! I find it very hard to get out of bed when my alarms goes off. (who would want to leave this bed?)

Question 8

How do you feel about pet names?

I’m okay when a partner uses them, as long as there not too much of a cringe haha.

Question 9

Do you play any sports?
I don’t – the only physical actives I do is a lot of walking and occasionally I do yoga or swimming.

Question 10

Chocolate or sugar?

I would have to say sugar, because I have sugar in my coffee every day and I cook with it, I do also prefer savoury snacks. Like nachos, yum! (but I love chocolate chip cookies – hard choice)


Seaham Beach

I visited Seaham Beach for the first time, in Country Durham, I was out with my family and we had been for lunch and decided to take a drive out to the beach. None of us had ever been to this Beach before so it was nice to take a quick trip there.

As you first come to the beach there is a car park. You then come to a cliff face area which has stairs leading down to the beach.

The first half of the beach is all pebbles, but as you get closer to the sea it is all sand.

I love walks on the beach at this time of the year, when autumn is setting in and it’s getting a little cooler.

It’s really nice to take time out and visit new places with your family and the beach is usually very quiet at this time of year.

A Brief Moment of Spring

Last week came a lot of sunshine and great beach weather in the UK. Unfortunately that hasn’t lasted here in Newcastle but it was nice while it lasted!

To make the most of the weather my family and I took my dog to the beach last week and I took a lot of photographs while I was there. 
South Shields only allow dogs on their beach until May 1st so it was great timing for us. 

I shot some panoramic images while at the beach, these were shot free hand without a tripod. It’s usually best to use a tripod when taking a panoramic images as it makes it easier to stitch the individual photographs together but a very steady hand can work too. This first image is made up of 5 photographs. 

This second panoramic image is made up of three photographs, usually the more photographs you use to make a panoramic the slimmer the image turns out after editing (as seen with the first image). 

South Shield beach is a great place to walk your dog but if you are planning on doing so you should go within the next few days because from the 1st of May the beach is off limits to dogs until after 6pm. 

Architectural Photography

As part of my course I have been asked to create a whole new portfolio. I have decided that I will be shooting architectural photography to do this. The portfolio needs a theme that will run through the whole portfolio. I have decided that I will be using photo manipulation as my theme. To elaborate I will be using black and white images that I have shot in and around Newcastle and I will be editing them like the image below. Using Photoshop to duplicate and flip the image and blend it in to one. This gives a really great effect, especially on unusual patterns and lines. 

This is the first image I have experimented with, I shot this image a few months ago in Newark, I decided to use this one as I liked the lines on the ceiling and thought it would look interesting for this type of editing. 

Newark Arcade


This weekend I’ve been away to Newark to visit my dad and step mam, I traveled down by train from Newcastle with my aunt and uncle. Luckily the weather has been great and I’ve been out for plenty of walks with the dog! 
One place we walk through is the grave yard that is a 10 minute walk from my dad’s home, it’s a lovely well kept place and you’ll see the odd squirrel darting up the trees! 

My dad recently got a tortoise, it’s so small and cute! They’ve called her Harlo, you can’t tell what sex they are until they are around 3 but they are calling it a her for now. Here’s little Harlo: 
As you can see she is very small compared to my hand and I have small hands as it is! She’s about an inch and half big and will crawl onto your hand if she sees you! 
Let me know what you thought of this post and if I should carry on with more of my day to day life instead of just my photography! Thank you! 

Madame Tussaud

I recently posted about my trip to Amsterdam and how I visited Madame Tussaud’s wax works, I thought I’d share some of my pictures and experiences.

Amsterdam 25/02/14

As I’ve mentioned before it was €22 to enter, which was more then I expected but I’ve never visited a Madame Tussaud’s anywhere else before so I’m not sure if that is the usual price range for admission, I’m guessing so. If you visit one of the tourist centres that are situatated all over Amsterdam then you can get a discounted price. 

Madame Tussaud 25/02/14
As you first walk in you meet a life size Barak Obama who you get a photograph taken with by one of the employees, you then receive a ticket which you can take to the desk at te end and purchase the photograph. You then get into the lift and go to the first floor of the building. There are a few 1800 famous people standing as you walk through then there is a Anne Frank wax girl sitting at a table writing her diary.

Anne Frank Wax Work Model 25/02/14

You then see a range of other celebrities, some I hadn’t heard of, I’m guessing because they are famous in the Netherlands. 

Diana Wax Work 25/02/14

All of the models you can stand next to and take photographs with, some of the more popular ones had queues of people waiting to get a photograph!
On your way around you come to huge window that looks down onto the stores of Amsterdam, this was the view: 
View of Amsterdam 25/02/14
There is also an interpration of the oval office, where you can sit and pretend to be the president in a slightly unrealistic setting. 
Oval Office, Amsterdam 25/02/14
Overall it was a good place to visit and we had a good time, I would recommend it to anyone visiting Amsterdam if you have a few hours and euros to kill.

All images are shot on the iPhone5c, for more information about Madame Tussaud’s Amsterdam I have included a link below!


So as promised here is my blog post about Amsterdam. It was a nice place to go to and has some beautiful scenery. This was my second trip to Amsterdam so I knew what to expect this time around. 

We traveled by boat on Monday 24th and arrived in Amsterdam on the following Tuesday, the boat takes around 16 hours from Newcastle and you leave at 5pm and spend the night in one of the cabins. The cabins were very small and shared between 4 people so it was very cramped at times. Unfortunately our cabins were on deck 2 which was at the bottom of the boat so we didn’t have a window, which made the room feel even more confined. On the boat there are a lot of things to do so you aren’t cooped up in your doll sized cabin for too much time. Mainly the group stayed in the bar area which was quite large and had a band for entertainment. 

We arrived at Amsterdam at 10am local time, so 9am back in Newcastle, and we hopped straight onto a coach to the city center. The coach took 35 minutes but it passes quite fast and we had a lovely chatty driver, who told us what to expect and to watch out for the cyclists on the roads! We then made our way to the hotel which, luckily for me because I had a case bigger then myself, was just across the road. The hotel was really nice, much better then I expected for how cheap the trip was. We had two per room and this time the rooms where a good size and we had free WiFi (which is always a huge thumbs up in my opinion). 

We then had time to participate in a group activity or to just have our own look around Amsterdam, so myself and a few others decided to just go out alone and have a look around. We visited Madame Tussauds which was fun and I have a lot of pictures from there 
(I’ll save these for another time). It did cost more then I expected, it was €22 a ticket but we did have fun in there. I’ll leave a link to their website below.

Other then that we just walked around Amsterdam for hours on end, mostly because we were lost, and took some photographs. It was a good trip and aside from the sea sickness I’d recommend anyone to see Amsterdam at least once.

Amsterdam 25th February 2014

Amsterdam 26th February 2014

Amsterdam 26th February 2014

The mini cruse was through this company:

This is the hotel we stayed in:

This is the Madame Tussauds website: